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Here is a Porsche in an unusual configuration. MFI engine, Sportomatic gearbox and all of it in a Canary Yellow Targa bodywork. The vehicle came to us from Innsbruck area and since then has come a long way. Not many know that the 911s from 1969 are unique. They have many differences that are only in this vintage. Completion of the parts was a real challenge for us. Simon, the owner of the car, let us have free rein – build this car the best You can, no half-measures! Since the very beginning we have known that the history of the car would be described in the Austrian newspaper AutoClassic and Octane, what added some spice to the whole project. Full disassembly followed by sheet metal reconstruction. Having consulted it with Simon, we sent the body to Germany for cataphoresis. It was the final proof, He wasn’t joking around! The following stages of the work went without major problems until the assembly. At this point, the production year of the car made its mark. Minor differences in electronics, different roof and Sportomatic gearbox resulted in postponing the date of completion of the works. Even then, a pleasant Austrian showed stoic calmness and patience – I will wait as long as it takes, I have my full confidence in you, do Your job – he said during a check-up visit in our garage. Uff! A load off our shoulders! In 2022, we reached the final. The car received the highest possible score in the opinion of an Austrian expert specialising in classic cars. Today we know that this is not the end of our adventure with a friend from across the eastern border, as we are going to build another car for Him! Simon, thank You for Your trust, Working with You is pure pleasure!

Completion date: 06/2022
Vehicle data:
Model: 911E Targa Sportomatic
Year: 1969
Engine: 2.0 MFI
Country: Austria
Modifications implemented:
  • complete bodywork and paint restotarion
  • complete overhaul of the engine and gearbox
  • suspension and braking system renovation
  • interior renovation
  • restoration of clocks
  • electrical installation renovation
  • renovation of chrome elements
  • renovation of rims


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