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A few e-mails, a few phone calls and a proposal was made – come to Belgium, I have 2 cars to be done. Since the very beginning we could see that the man was firm, so without much thought we booked the tickets and were on our way!

There were two 911s and a garage full of parts waiting for us. A 1973 and a 1972 Oil Klappe – this story is about her. This rare model had a special meaning for Johan because 1972 is also the year of his birth. We knew that we would not only build a unique car, but make his childhood dream come true.

Renovation was just the beginning. It was a custom with a capital C. A number of modifications done to the car are the vision of the owner confronted with our experience. The idea behind the project was a sports daily car. Fenders from 911SC, roll cage, sports seats, brakes from Boxster 986 + servo, 3.0 engine with camshafts from Porsche 993, threaded suspension and lots of designer accessories, which in black matte paint perfectly match the body in Blutorange. The car gives an amazing driving experience. It’s stiff, loud and raw and that’s what it was supposed to be!

Currently, Johan’s another project is under construction, and it’s story will be presented upon completion.

Completion date: 09/2021
Vehicle data:
Model: 911 Coupe Oil Klappe
Year: 1972
Engine: 3.0
Country: Belgium
Modifications implemented:
  • complete bodywork and paint restotarion
  • 3.0 engine after major renovation, on carburettors and shafts from Porsche 993
  • brakes from Boxter 986
  • body extensions from 911 SC
  • restoration of clocks
  • roll-care + sports seats
  • suspension repair + thread assembly
  • electrical installation renovation
  • accessories finished in black matte
  • renovation of rims
  • brake booster assembly


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