911 Ghost

Project Name:

911 Ghost

We met the owner many years ago at a rally of brand lovers.
He decided to buy this car at an American auction to complete his collection. Initially, there was no specific plan for the vehicle.

After a few months, the car, which had previously occupied the roads of California, arrived. The bodywork in great condition, the lack of corrosion is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of cars from that region. However, as a result of high temperatures and the passage of time, the paintwork and interior were poor. The idea to build a custom came up, so we got to work!

Unusual painting was commissioned to an external company; we took care of all the rest. After an initial inspection, it turned out that the engine required a complete overhaul, so together with it shafts from 964 and a custom exhaust was installed. This car is supposed to be fun! Renovation of the suspension, braking system and adaptation of the car to the European market was implemented.

The interior was rebuilt from scratch -sports seats, smooth sides, MOMO steering wheel, racing risers and a rollbar at the back. You can’t say it didn’t turn out great, can You? The car literally turns the heads of passers-by! And it’s no wonder – it’s one-of-a-kind!

Completion date: 09/2020
Vehicle data:
Model: 911 SC
Year: 1982
Engine: 3.2
Country: Poland
Modifications implemented:
  • complete overhaul of the engine and gearbox
  • suspension and braking system renovation
  • interior renovation


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